Rose for Solomon / Short story

As he was living a gloomy life like spirits that didn’t belong to this world, he reminds not a king but a bum rabbi. Nothing could make him happy and nothing could coat his faded eyes with joy. Formerly sparkling eyes seemed as they lost their hundred various shines. As his eyes had been losing their eyes day by day, the king himself was also getting thin. Because of his state of thin appearance, his capwhich formerly decorated his curly hair was now getting ridiculous cause of his skinny cheeks. Solomon’s cheeks came to danger of disappearance, his eyes terribly enlarged. His cathedral was ruined during a daytime. And this was the reason for that he was against to any sunshine into his palace, because from that time he couldn’t have stood the shines. His long black robe seemed rustling by itself.
It was one of the usual “black days” after destruction of cathedral. The palace servants named the days as “black”. Not telling about laugh, but even it was banned to speak louder. That’s why servants behaved like they were mourning. Palace’s silence reminding grave’s ease was very tough for them. Servants wanted immediately to leave formerly jolly Solomon’s audience. Last days he had self talking, though they couldn’t get used to his terribly strange. On those days, i.e outside was silent but inside storm, Solomon would command not to speak louder, not to disturb giving extra questions and be away from his eyes immediately. Doing such strange things and wanting others also behave like him he looked like a mad.
-I want to see the light- once he said unexpectedly. The shocked servant nearly swallowed his tongue. Then coming to consciousness he bowed. But when he raised his head, he realized that the king was not looking at him, but looking down.
- Your Majesty…- the servant started whispering and then to soften his tone he went on in a quiet voice that was not peculiar to him:
- I…i,e we for a long time have been waiting for you to show the structure of marketplace and…
- And- Solomon interrupted him. The servant, of course, knew changes in Solomon after the destruction of his lovely cathedral, but it even didn’t occur him that he would be frightened by the king’s red eyes. Solomon was more like a prisoner with full of distress.
- And we wanted to show you a bath, Your Majesty!- the servant answered immediately. Solomon again looked down. Not paying attention to anything Solomon plunged into the world of thoughts. At that moment the servant went two steps back reminding in a way whether he was necessary or not. A minute passed then two… The servant sweated of waiting for an answer, his back began to ache of long bowing, and his brain veins were murmuring. Creaking his teeth he wanted to breathe. At that moment Solomon raised up and passed by the servant instantly.
- Call for secretaries and tell them accompany me- the rustle of Solomon’s black robe commanded the servant who wasn’t able to bow again.
- At once, Your Majesty - he answered while he was passing the long hall with a bat’s quickness. The thought, “Maybe he really doesn’t walk on the ground”, came to the servant’s mind.
But in fact Solomon would walk very fast like birds flying in the sky, especially when he was in a hurry. Secretaries were surprised by the invitation about seeing new bath and then the only thing they would do was staring each other to realize something else. Solomon saying them nothing wandered around. At that moment Solomon’s eyes were captured by the bazaar smelled with dust and stone, because its construction wasn’t over yet. He also wandered around the bath. It was impossible to realize anything from the king’s face. Only women about the bath interrupted Solomon:
- Why are they here?-asked the king. Short fat secretary not paying attention to others came up to the king and answered:
- They wanted to see you for a long time, my king. Then he smiled strangely.
- Last night your baby boy was born.
From crowd a woman of thirty appeared and went straight to Solomon. She had a baby wrapped with hard fabric. Solomon deeply stared at her, but couldn’t recognize her at all. But at that moment he hadn’t any desire to remember women. As there was going on constructions of bazaar dusty and dull weather wrinkled Solomon’s face. He took the baby and then he frowned.
- He is dark, yes he is dark complexioned.- secretaries whispered at Solomon’s back. Really the baby was dark complexioned. Being awoken by unknown’s breath he wanted to open his little eyes.
- Is he Solomon’s son?- fat secretary asked with his angry look. The woman’s looking down was answer for the question.
- They are all my kids-said Solomon solemnly. Then he added:
- For this baby boy reward his mother and organize a party for all other women. Everybody smiled with happiness. Just Solomon thinking that he was spiritually abandoned and broken stood still not knowing how to smile. At that moment light brown hair caught his eyes. All women’s heads were covered with kerchief besides the lady with that sparkling hair. As there were crowd of women it was impossible to see that lady’s face. So Solomon made no effort to see her. He thought that he fancied. That bustle made Solomon get so tired. He was thinking about how he wanted to see the light which became strange for him after destruction of cathedral, and at that moment standing in front of his people whether he was listening them or not. Are these smiling faces were happy for the existence of their king? There was no sense in Solomon’s look and that senseless look was wandering where his eyes went. And again he saw that sparkling brown hair, not just hair even half of lady’s body was visible now. She appeared to be a woman of thirty or thirty five. Somebody else’s kerchief covered that lady’s body and Solomon realized that he hadn’t fancied, it was reality. He wanted to go on his careless treat, because he didn’t want to end up his accustomed rest cause of love. His previous love was very expensive to him. His love was destroyed in front of his eyes, wasn’t it?
His heart ached when he remembered his cathedral. While he was absorbing the air with difficulty, he realized that the women were thanking to him and praising words were coming to his address. There were all kinds of woman there: tall and short, dark complexioned and full. Not just not recognizing some of them, even Solomon hadn’t seen them once in his life. With these familiar and unfamiliar ladies secretaries set Solomon off to the half ready bath.
Sun raised up and began to burn things. The bath was of the measure of small house, was in a shape of quadrate and if seeing outside its ceiling looked low. But entering the bath Solomon realized that its ceiling was enough high even for tall guy. Ceiling was low if only when it was seen outside. Even though there were dull weather outside for their surprise cool wind blew and rubbed king’s back. Stone walls stood faded like reliable shields of protecting from hot temperature, and this situation again made Solomon upset.
- Fill in with water- one of the secretaries commanded in a hurry nodding to the iron basin. Immediately two ladies and then one came and began twisting around the basin. Maybe Solomon wouldn’t be patient till the women fill in the basin with water. Maybe not looking at anything he would go, and secretaries not understanding anything would follow the king, because such kind of situations were faced so often those days. But he paused next to the lady whose brown hair informed about her origin. The lady got nervous feeling that she was being deeply observed.
- Give her the pail- said Solomon quietly- Let her fill in.
Not ratifying the looked around, guessing from that behavior everybody understood that she was discontented. Women’s jealousy increased, because they had been waiting for Solomon’s attention for years. They moved in a heap to see that lady. So they still not understanding anything they stood round the lady looking with her pathetic look. Her full body and firm shoulders remind a healthy horse. Her round face and big black eyes showed that she was not from here. Even not understanding anything she was ready for any situation, and this was the proof of her enforcement.
- She is prisoner-informed secretar in a hurry. One of the women gave her the pail in order to show her. At first she was against to that, but then under the influence of king’s attentive look she had to follow the women with obeying. At that moment everybody saw that her one leg was limping. In a few minutes fat secretary told that when translating the meaning of her name was “rose” and she had been captured from Pyrenean islands.
- Arabs- said fat secretary with a rude smile.
- Probably she was beaten- said Solomon sorrowfully and his eyes were filled in with sympathy.
As how limping lady was going far away from Solomon, he felt his loneliness and distress were strengthening. He will change those feelings with pity, and then he will understand that he was wrong. In fact he wanted to talk to that lady. As that desire appeared so suddenly, there wasn’t enough time for Solomon to understand it. There was something easy in the absence of that lady. But Solomon was sympathizing her because not knowing what would be the next day she was wretched and unfortunate. The idea “Maybe she was separated from her love, as I was separated from my cathedral” made him to come to consciousness. Saying good bye to other ladies silently, Solomon was on his way to leaving there. Of course, women saw that the king had been thinking, they were aware of his “black days” in “black palace” and how he howled unbearably at nights. His walking that wasn’t peculiar to humanbeing was also drew their attention. They understood his carelessness to ladies from his walking and breathing with pity covered all around with the air of inevitability. Women were wrong on only one thing. Those ladies didn’t interest the king, he was serious about the limping lady. In addition to her previous appearance the absence of one her front teeth made Solomon smile and he decided to make acquaintance with her tonight. As the king was going far from the lady with his thoughts, his heart was beating hard and his desire was increasing.
- Bring me her- said Solomon’s sparkling eyes again.
- At once, my king- answered to him.
Entering his dark palace for the first time Solomon was cold and longed for a woman warmth. His tiredness woke up with coldness and Solomon realized he didn’t want anything besides rest and quiet sleep. He, as if he had been purified from long lasted magic, got that from that time cruel witch’s magic would be melted like snowflakes. While Solomon was waiting for his guest, servants looked for the lady everywhere. To find out her they even moved the gigant stones at the construction station. Everything was in vain. That lady couldn’t be found, and nobody can tell anything fact about her. Inevitably they hammered in trees, but just yellow leaves fell. Even they tried to search that lady in the sky, but they just saw birds flying circularly to somewhere else. At that moment Solomon was waiting for her with patience and mysterious happiness, she seemed melted in the air leaving him the feeling of ease and peace.
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