Dowhe Goja’s son Dali Domrul

“Father Gorkut” epos’s part “Dowhe Goja’s son Dali Domrul” should be added to the parts that need social-philosophic analysis. Thesentence we have always being met:” There was a man among Oghuzs called Dowhe Goja’s son Dali Domrul. He built a bridge on arid ravine and made those who pass over the bridge pay thirty money and those who didn’t pass was made pay forty money by force.” proves that. The word “chay”(ravine) in the dictionary is defined as «noun. arid ravine or ravine where flows water››. This sentence should be deeply analysed, thus it embraces most of Dali Domrul’s morally aesthetic thoughts as he built a bridge over arid ravine. The expression “Building bridge over arid ravine” allows to light up the main character’s egoistic side. We say egoistic side because we can’t consider him to be selfish at all. If he were selfish, he wouldn’t care people’s griefand wouldn’t be angry for the reason making people suffer. Thus, the expression “Building bridge over arid ravine” lights up just part of his main character. The principle of egoism appeared in the epoch when people just started to buy and sell and Dali Domrul’s behavior of demanding 30 and 40 money from people who pass and who doesn’t pass the bridge consists the law of this principle. But the principle that person confesses doesn’t show his whole being.The principle can explain one period of person’s mind development or at least its connection with another principle and person’s character as result of this connection.The expression “Building bridge over arid ravine” doesn’t express Dali Domrul’s whole character but shows his selfish manner. I want you to pay attention to the word “bridge”. In his speech Dali Domrul mentionsthe word “bridge” as “my bridge”. One of the reasons of his anger on Azrael was that the funeral was around his bridge. So, Dali Domrul’s bridge is the root and start of his egoism. In the past kings, respected people of country built mosques, bridges and other socially needed buildings in order to receive appreciation of people.Receiving appreciation means to live beneficently and it requires responsible approach. But Dali Domrul changed “beneficial work “to “unbeneficial work” and created system of changing good into bad. This system includes in it stages as thinking about only yourself and forgetting others.In this case what will make him to confess? Of course, belief and it is closely connected with religion. Each belief is related with thoughts about God. In the history of humankind there were attempts of denying the existance of God. But all these attempts couldn’t prove their arguments. The proof of existence of God is the death of person. This proof couldn’t be explained and denied ever.
The idea about God was developed in literature either, thus ideas about his existence and power were settled in people’s mind. In M.A. Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita” Berlioz didn’t believe n God, but he was explained the existence of God with death of people.” …Yes, every person should die, but it it’s half of tragedy. Sometimes he may die suddenly and trick is hidden here!”- answers the stranger Berlioz.
Another side of Dali Domrul’s contrastive character is he knows God but has no idea about Azrael. He has no idea about Azrael so he has no idea about death either. This is also contrastive situation, because any realization has contrast. That’s why according to the first stage of realization there’s no influence to the subject from out. He knows what he knows. On the second stage the subject passing through experiences analyses and learns what he wants to know.
The object in realization may has different appearance. That’s why Azrael came to Dali Domrul as an old man and dove.
According to what said above Dali Domrul’s main character may be divided into two lines: bad and good. The bad line is when he built bridge and demanded money and the good line is when he realized his sin. In philosophy Hegel proved that the process of contrast forms existence of development. In this development Dali Domrul realized his sin and weren’t selfish anymore.
The most of myths were created as result of people’s daily primitive thoughts about something. Azrael took Dali Domrul’s parents’ lives instead of his and this content suits the content of myths mentioned above. In Abkhazian mythology the god of death Apc Waha took lives of old and sick people. Such kind of contents appeared from belief of people that became their daily thoughts.
During the article we aimed to learn motive of Dali Domrul’s egoism. Thus it is possible to analyse his character’s two lines through this motive.


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