Goodness / Short story

There isn’t any faded colors in childhood. The sky is blue, streets are black and trees look green. Oguljeren always draws these with those colors. If something greenish rudely appears on her sketch-book, it must be a tree, and if there is something yellowish over that green hill that is visible on the other side of the paper, it must be the Sun. Oguljeren always colors birds in blue. When they ask its reason she always answers “, because they live in the sky”. And when she gets excellent mark “she flies home from school” like those blue birds.
Once flying so fast she was very thirsty, directly entered into the kitchen and saw a wasp in the water pail. At first Oguljeren didn’t think that it was a wasp, because she didn’t have any idea about wasps. Even though she was twice beaten by this insect at the kindergarten, she forgot any other thing besides its beating. And also she remembered her teacher’s words “Alas, it was e red wasp” while she was busy with loudly crying Oguljeren. Since Oguljeren has thought that all wasps are red and for urgent situations she learned by heart the poem:

Wasp, wasp, wasp
Has beaten my hand
No crying for it,
Flied away, didn’t stand.

Whenever she comes across wasps, or they rush against her, she is going to tell this poem. It was her teacher who had advised doing so. But the wasp in the water pail was of yellow color. That’s why Oguljeren couldn’t recognize it at first. Of course, for recognizing something else it isn’t so important to know it in details. So Oguljeren didn’t doubt so long whether it was a wasp or not. The wasp was motionlessly lying on the water. Probably it was thirsty and wanted to drink water from the pail. Maybe being greedy it didn’t get out of the pail for so long time and drowned or being glued with the water its wings got wet and couldn’t fly. It didn’t matter whatever happened to it, at that moment it looked so pathetic. Oguljeren was not sure what to do next and thought thoroughly. If she took it, she thought that it would beat, and being afraid she ran to the shelf in the corner of kitchen. She found out an iron spoon, through it she took the wasp out of water. Oguljeren was always afraid of wasps. That’s why she was in a hurry to get the wasp out make it free. Closing one of her eyes she tried to spell the poem hurriedly, but she nearly stumbled on the toy. The wasp in that spoon also was on its way to fall. To her surprise, the wasp didn’t fly as soon as it got its freedom. It was motionless and lied still like a swaddled baby. Trying to make it fly Oguljeren threw the wasp through the handle of the spoon. But if the wasp wouldn’t fly, to be on the safe side she threw it carefully in order to catch it. Again wasp didn’t fly. The blue Sky was so far. The yellow Sun was also busy with itself not paying attention to Oguljeren and the wasp. The wasp would get into the Sky from one side and soon it would return. At last probably one of them, Oguljeren or the wasp, got tired, and at the fifth attempt wasp fell on the ground. Oguljeren felt uneasy. Not remembering her fear to wasps she poked into its flank with her index finger. She didn’t know what to say and what to do to the wasp’s silence. If it would lie so and wouldn’t fly maybe its mother would look for it. “Maybe its leg was broken?” Then she decided to observe the wasp thoroughly. With this aim she took the wasp into her palm and put it on the pool in the yard. Then through broomstick she began to put its thin legs in order. For the while its dot like eyes were staring at Oguljeren and seemed in need for her help. At that moment she realized to smooth its wings and immediately tried to find it. Wasp’s wings were glued with its trunk and didn’t smooth for so long time. But Oguljeren wouldn’t give up. Firstly she separated its right wing from the trunk with a broomstick, held it for a while, then did the same with its left wing. At last feeble wings were smoothed. Oguljeren smiled happily. But the wasp’s state was the same. The legs were in order, the wings were smoothed and it didn’t fly again. Suddenly Oguljeren remembered how neighbor boys fly paper aircrafts. And with all her might she began to blow it. The weak wasp moved a little, but did no other changes. The wasp was still in need and understanding it from pathetic eyes Oguljeren lowered her shoulders. She bracing her palms to her chin sat on her knees for some time. Blue birds saying “hello” flied from the blue Sky. Oguljeren asked to get the wasp also with them. Not knowing what to do then she got into the kitchen and waited, because she might interrupt the birds circling in the Sky. After some time Oguljeren forgot the wasp. When she got out of the kitchen to know whether her mother came or not, she couldn’t belive her eyes. There was nothing on the pool. At that time a yellow wasp appeared from somewhere else and flied round Oguljeren’s waist first and then her throat. Oguljeren was very happy and twisted together with the wasp. She clapped her hand and laughed happily. Even though they were busy the wasp was able to explain itself that it didn’t want to go without seeing Oguljeren. After this event Oguljeren would think all wasps she saw were the one that she had helped. She would think her wasp was living somewhere else in this broad world. And this thought were made her flying with that wasp.

Author: Atayeva Bagul
The teacher of school of 31-th of Murgap etrap.

Translated by: Gylychmammedova Lale. The teacher of school of 15-th of Murgap etrap.
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